Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What protectant should be used on my doors to preserve them? 

As soon as possible, within two weeks after the installation of your Custom Wood Garage Door, the entire exterior surface must be sealed with an appropriate Wood Sealer suitable to the Wood on your garage door. This should be done when the door is dry and conditions have been dry for several days and the door will not be subject to direct moisture for one day. Many sealers are also mixed with a stain. Some brands with a proven track record are SIKKENS, THOMPSONS, BEHR, and MIN-WAX.

2.  Can these doors be stained?  

Yes. At the very minimum, a protective sealant must be put on the doors.  

3.  What type of maintenance do these doors require?  

Once a year, use WD 40 on the track of your opener to keep the opener running smoothly.

Doors should be stained every 3-4 years. 

4.  Are these metal doors with wood overlay?  

No. Our doors are made from beginning to end in our shop. This is truly a custom made door, right down to the size. 

5.  My door is an off size. Does that matter?  

We custom build your door for you. We will need exact measurements to assure that your door is correct, right down to the last inch. 

6.  ‚ÄčHow do I measure my door?  

We will need both width and height. For width, measure from inside of jamb to opposite jamb. For height, measure from the middle top of the opening to the flooring. If your opening is arched, you will need to measure each side from top to bottom as well.

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